IHOTU by Fenix Couture – A Collection as Beautiful as its Name

By Veronica Nkwocha

The creative well from whence Ihotu was drawn must have been filled with charm and beauty. Those two words define the collection which is feminine and unapologetically pretty. Their clear lines and movement speak of comfort, a testament to the expert finish and use of fabrics; Lace, Ankara and Accessories used in carefully tempered ways so as not to overwhelm the concept. The different pieces come together as part of a collection, yet stand on their own, bold, confident and sure.

Ihotu means love. A deeper meaning reads ‘purity of the heart’. Ihotu shines in a lovely non-fussy way; the love the designer Josephine Akioyamen poured into it is clearly evident.

All Clothes by Fenix Couture, website http://www.fenixcouture.com/

Clothes by Fenix Couture
Model: Gabby
Photography: Julius Ding
Make- Up Artist: Nicole Ostonal


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2 thoughts on “IHOTU by Fenix Couture – A Collection as Beautiful as its Name

  1. This is simply brilliant!!!! Your ability to conjure imageries in my head with words is beyond compare. I really didn’t need the visual representation of your description because your words were adequate to accurately represent or conjure up those image for me. Thank you and continue in your path to glory. I’m your super fan. Now let me go get one of the dresses for mi madam!

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