The Escape (Short Story)

I’m re-blogging this story, it was first published in May.


The Escape

By Veronica Nkwocha

Footsteps pounding, the pavement echoing, annoyed at the slap, slap, of sandaled feet. Okon squeezed past some shrubs, sand in his hair, disturbing a hen that had been hidden away for weeks looking after her eggs. She came out fighting, scratching him in crevices he didn’t know he owned. He slapped her away and tasted feather, he spat them out quickly. He leapt over a wall; the grimy algae left a dark patch on his cream chinos trousers. He heard ripping as he landed on the other side and looked down mortified; his trousers were ripped, a line confirming his fears started from beneath his zipper and he felt a wind in his inner thighs.

“Shit” he exclaimed.

He didn’t slow down even though he felt it rip further.

His mind was full. Of words. Consternation, fear, confusion all ran riot, forming themselves into a…

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