A Ripple in Adanna’s Calm (Short Story)

A Ripple in Adanna’s Calm

By Veronica Nkwocha

It was an evening like any other, Adanna danced in front of her mirror, kissed her reflection a hundred times and posed pouting as she snapped herself on her Blackberry phone for the thousandth time. It took her a while to realize something was wrong. An eerie silence, a sense of foreboding enveloped her and her heart beat wildly.

“What’s wrong?” she pondered as her heart leapt an unusual rhythm. With trepidation, she reached for her phone and began to ping her best friend Marie. Marie of the smoldering eyes that made men make promises life might never make them successful enough to keep. One of them even promised to buy her an Island! She had a likeness to Naomi Campbell but an island? The chap was not even Russian, and a far cry from being a billionaire…but I digress.

She couldn’t reach Marie by way of bbm, she pinged and pinged and there was silence. She then tried Lola, then Ene, then Hauwa…it was then it dawned on her why she had that unsettling feeling, her phone had not pinged in an hour! Shock, horror! She leapt to her feet and ran down the stairs to the living room where her mother was pacing in undetermined steps. As soon as she walked in, her mum said in a panicked voice “Adanna, there’s been an outage, Blackberry is down!” “It appears the problem’s from England and they don’t know how long it’ll last”.

Adanna’s shriek had a soprano tint to it, it started from her tiny frame but rose high above the chandelier had father had personally sourced from Italy, past the plaster of Paris intricately designed to house the ceiling, leapt across the balcony, past the cacophony of generator noises of the four houses in their compound until the wind carried it away to be interwoven with other screams from a million Naija babes, cut off by the cruel Blackberry service that denied them the reassuring pings.

*I wrote this short story in 2011 when there was a service outage by BlackBerry in Nigeria.

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